About Us

About Us

Coomara Aquatics is an Alberta-based online firm catering to the Canadian Aquarium hobby market, providing information on breeding premium bettas and high-quality aquatic botanicals.

The Story Behind the Name

The company name Coomara was formed from an alliteration of the two Celtic words:

  • “Cu” meaning dog
  • “Mara” meaning sea

Put together, they mean dog of the sea or sea dog.

The founder chose this company name for two reasons:

  • The founder owns an ancient breed of water dog called the Irish Water Spaniel.
  • In seafaring traditions, a sea dog is a seasoned sailor, mate or deckhand, which can be counted on to pilot a ship (customers) through rough seas and help get the ship safely to port (where the customers want to go).
How We Work

At Coomara Aquatics we are that seasoned and experienced deckhand - a voice of reason that will guide you our customer through troubled the often confusing seas of acquiring, caring for and hopefully breeding your bettas, guppies and rare livebearers.

Please note Coomara Aquatics does not have an official brick and mortar storefront. We operate as a virtual store. Visits to the “Fish-room” are by appointment only.

Our Specialties
  • Coomara Aquatics imports for sale of premium quality aquatic botanicals (free from pollutants and contaminants) collected and processed by small scale organic farms.
  • Production for sale aquatic live food cultures using only top-quality ingredients
  • Import of select aquatic plants and accessories for sale.
Business Lines

For the world-wide aquatic hobby community, we provide trusted, science-based information for the acquisition, care and breeding of:

  • Premium quality bettas.
  • Fancy guppies.
  • Rare livebearers.
  • Aquatic live food cultures.
  • Aquatic botanicals.
  • Select accessories.

For Canadian aquatic hobbyists, we offer assistance with the acquisition of:

  • Premium quality bettas.
  • Fancy guppies.
  • Rare livebearers.
Adherence to Laws

CAL breeds and imports sale stock as per the husbandry and species maintenance rules outlined by the following respective governing organizations:

  • International Betta Congress (IBC).
  • International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA).
  • American Livebearer Association (ALA).
Company Ownership/Legal Entity

Coomara Aquatics (CAL) is an online provider of information and premium quality stock and supplies. CAL is currently an unincorporated, sole proprietorship operating entity, 100% controlled by the Alberta registered holding company Coomara Ventures Ltd (CVL).

CVL is 100% owned and controlled by Paul R. Price. We are in the process of incorporating CAL as an Alberta Limited company and upon incorporation, it will remain as 100% owned and controlled by CVL. Once the company is incorporated, Paul will remain as President and CEO and a Secretary/Treasurer (common with CVL) and a minimum of two directors (common with CVL) will be appointed.

CAL currently has no employees but engages virtual, off-site, term contractors as needed, to assist with the business operation.

CAL is licensed for business within the City of Calgary under business license BL217145 and Business ID 14925028 and as a sole proprietorship within the Province of Alberta.

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