Welcome to Coomara Aquatics

Welcome to Coomara Aquatics

Coomara Aquatics (CAL) of Calgary, Alberta Canada was founded in 2016 to fill a need in the aquarium hobby market for scientifically correct online information and superior quality fish and accessories. CAL provides:

  • Scientifically backed information to the world-wide aquarium hobby on:
  • the acquisition, care and breeding of premium-quality bettas (fancy and wild), exceptional fancy guppies and rare livebearers;
  • the acquisition, care and use of premium-quality aquatic botanicals, live food cultures and selected accessories;
  • Acquisition assistance to Canadian hobbyists looking for premium-quality bettas (fancy and wild), exceptional fancy guppies and rare livebearers; Sorry due to international trade barriers we are currently unable to sell outside of Canada.
  • Acquisition assistance for hobbyists looking for aquatic botanicals, live food cultures and selected accessories.
Coomara Aquatics
Coomara Aquatics

Our History:

Coomara Aquatics principal, Paul R. Price, has 50 plus years of experience in the aquarium hobby. In 2016, he realized that while there are online vendors, group sites and a few local stores offering livestock and supplies, none of these market source points were consistently active, well-organized, and customer-responsive or possess in-depth and well-researched knowledge to meet the market demand.

The information that these source points were providing was mostly based on hearsay evidence and not backed by independent, peer-reviewed, scientifically referenced and reproducible data. Add to this point the fact that the health and quality of livestock offered by these potential competitors was less than optimum and the way that their livestock was housed and taken care of was often not appropriate which lead to very short life spans after purchase. Further, the customer service and information provided was often poor, misinformed, or non-existent.

Based on this information gathered during a market scan and the observed market gaps, it was apparent to Paul that there was a market need to be filled and an opening for a knowledgeable, well thought out and organized market entry. This was what led to the birth of Coomara Aquatics as an online resource and acquisition site.

Our Mission and Vision:

Coomara Aquatic’s vision, mission and core values are the living, breathing cornerstones of our business and not just a plaque on a wall. They are the business compass for our company – everything we do and every decision we make is guided by these statements of value. We want Coomara Aquatics to be your GO TO PLACE for all things Betta, Guppy, Rare Livebearers, Aquatic Botanicals and Live food cultures.

Why Choose Coomara Aquatics

  • We are committed to putting our customers first.
  • We believe that our relationships with people are the source of our strength.
  • We believe in diversity, inclusion, and equality as strength.
  • We treat all our livestock with respect and dignity.
  • We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship.
  • We believe in being socially responsible.
  • We are a continual learning, innovative, and self-improving organization.
Unique Market Advantages

Coomara Aquatics has the following unique market advantages that sets CAL apart from the competition and that makes CAL the obvious choice for the needs of the discerning aquatic hobbyist.

Knowledge & Experience

The Coomara Aquatics Founder, Paul R. Price, has close to 50 years of experience and a vast knowledge with respect to importing, breeding, raising and showing tropical fish, aquatic plants, live food cultures and in using aquatic botanicals.

Responsive and Friendly

Coomara Aquatics promises to answer your questions as fast as we can in a friendly and respectful manner and to provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision. We will earn your business every time.

Proven-quality Suppliers

Coomara Aquatics has developed a world-wide network of suppliers over the last 50 years. Such a network allows us to source exceptional quality livestock, aquatic botanicals, plants and accessories from the USA, SE Asia, Europe and South America. These exceptional items are rarely available to the public from other sources and at the affordable prices we can provide them.

Awards & Memberships

Paul has received numerous recognition awards within the aquarium hobby community. He has been recognized as a Master Aquatic Breeder and a Master Aquatic Horticulturist from two respected aquarium hobby organizations.

  • Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC).
  • Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS).

He is a registered as a professional geologist in the province of Alberta (P. Geol).

He is a senior member of the following aquarium hobby organizations:

  • Calgary Aquarium Society (CAS).
  • International Betta Congress (IBC).
  • Betta Breeders Canada (BBC).
  • International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA).
  • TransCanada Guppy Group (TCGG).
  • American Livebearer Association (ALA).
  • American Killifish Association (AKA).
Continual Learning Company

Coomara Aquatics believes that as a company we must respond to what our customers want and to adapt to their needs by continually updating our knowledge, services and product lines. If you have suggestions on items you would like to see us carry, on information you would like us to write on then please contact us.

C. Mccallum

“I recently bought my bettas from Paul. He has nothing but top quality. All fish are healthy and in great condition. Paul is very knowledgeable and has been able to teach me a lot and help me in many different ways. I look forward to buying and learning more in the future. I highly recommend Coomara Aquatics. “

H.J. Somers

“Paul brings in amazing Bettas and guppies!!! We have both from him as well as live food cultures and botanicals. You can't beat the quality!!”

T. Cerciello

“Purchased a betta from Paul last fall - it’s such a pleasure to have a betta so healthy.”

Robyn Hill

“Top quality, beautiful bettas.”

Huai Wei Tang

“I was referred to Paul by a friend for all my needs of leaves (Indian Almond, Guava, Mulberry and Banana) and have also recently purchased some mangrove barks from him for my Caridina/Neocaridina tanks. Paul is knowledgeable and it was great dealing with Paul. Highly recommended!”

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